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Improving Existing Databases
Row Consulting specializes in fixing and improving existing Access and SQL Server databases. This includes the following.
  • Fixing errors
  • Correcting problems with slow databases
  • Fixing causes of database crashes
  • Eliminating duplicate data and correcting sources of data duplication
  • Correcting table relationships, indexing, constraints and data integrity
  • Modifying and adding new tables and fields
  • Modifying and adding new forms, reports, and queries
  • Modifying and adding new code, macros, stored procedures, and functions
  • Add automation features for email, fax, export, import, system integration, and more.
Row Consulting can handle all modifications independently or work with a company's database support staff.

Microsoft Access Database Development
Row Consulting specializes in developing Microsoft Access database solutions. Access is ideal for many database applications. Its feature-rich development environment and high-level programming language enables the development of fast and affordable solutions for relational data management. The low cost of maintaining an Access databases is another important advantage. Access lacks some features that are essential to protecting data security and integrity and so is not recommended for most applications where data security is critical or where there is a high frequency of data transactions.

SQL Server Database Development
Row Consulting develops SQL Server databases for a wide variety of applications. SQL Server is a robust database management system that is ideal for applications where data security is critical or there is a high frequency of data transactions. SQL Server is also used by many large businesses that prefer to consolidate several disparate databases into a single management system. SQL Server is more expensive to install and maintain, so it is not a cost-effective solution for small or medium-size databases that do not require security.

Support Services
Support services are available for databases, Microsoft Office software, commercial software, and custom software. Support experts are available 8 AM to 5 PM Monday-Friday for phone, email, remote-access, and on-site support. Support is billed in 3-minute increments (1/2 hour minimum for first month).

Integration with Other Database Systems
Row Consulting develops user and data connection interfaces for most modern and legacy database management systems including MySQL, FoxPro, Oracle, Pervasive, OpenEdge, and more.

Data Services
Services are available for extracting and converting data from text files, spreadsheets, databases, and a wide variety of commercial and legacy systems. We also create business intelligence from large, disparate, and complex data sets.
Services are available for recovering and restoring damaged and corrupted Access databases.

Website Development and Support
Services are available for revising, upgrading, fixing, and moving existing websites.

Equipment Interface Development
Interfaces can be developed that connect databases and software with sensing, measuring, scanning, and monitoring devices and equipment including barcode scanners, detectors, scales, environment monitors, field and state sensors, and more. Interface systems can be designed for automated data acquisition, tracking, fault detection, and processing. Communications via USB, parallel, serial, Ethernet ports, and more are available.

Information Security
Services are available to assess and mitigate risk factors in compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GLB Act, state regulations, and more.

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