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Row Consulting, LLC
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Client Comments

Our company, United Fund Advisors, was in need of a customized database product for managing all of our transactions. The most recommended name from our vendor market research was Row Consulting and I now understand why. Row Consulting was able to quickly understand our business needs, develop a product that effectively manages those needs, and in a very user friendly format. The product was delivered on time, on budget, and in a very professional manner. We will most definitely use Row Consulting again.
Chris Hasle
United Fund Advisors

Row Consulting has been our business partner for over a decade. Wesley turned a home grown tool into a robust application for us to make smart business decisions. Working closely with Cadence associates and company leaders, he has tailored our system to align with our changing business needs. We look forward to working with Row Consulting for decades to come. They have been a tremendous resource in our company success.
Connie Plowman, PMP
Chief Operating Officer
Cadence Management Corporation

Row Consulting was the first IT company in years that actually spoke our language, in other words, he related to us in terms we could understand without a bunch of techno-speech. He worked tirelessly to resolve our problems, learning our unique database in the process and fixed several issues that had haunted us for years. He always tells the truth and is quick to respond when we have any technical questions. We are a smaller company and to our amazement, Wesley consistently recommends less expensive solutions even if that means he will earn less income from us as a client. This man is a rare find and we highly trust, respect and recommend him to anyone needing IT support.
Matthew Humphreys
President & CEO
Tradia Commerce Network, Inc.

Row Consulting started working for our company by designing our dispatch software back in 1997. Since then, RCC has played an integral part in many issues at our company including software, hardware, addition of new systems, and the phone system. Having a company like RCC has helped me maintain a daliy piece of mind as I know RCC is able to troubleshoot anything at pretty much a moment's notice. That is extremely important to me as our company would stop working without computer and phone systems.
Jan Lawson
Camas Transport, Inc.

After contacting a "Virtual Assistant" to find out about some database work; I was directed to a website of a MS Access User-group in Portland, OR. I read through all of the listings, and being unfamiliar with any of the companies, I selected the one that had the most information and looked the most professional and that was Row Consulting. I read through the Client Comments and one of the testimonials was from a company that sounded similar to mine and they had been working with Row Consulting for over ten years; I was intrigued.

As a management company, I work with a diverse group of clients who have very different needs and I was unsure if I would be able to explain enough to my contact to get a workable product for myself. In addition, a tight budget meant I may not have the resources to get the comprehensive database I wanted, but I really needed a basic setup that I could expand using what I had. What I didn't realize was how experienced Wesley was and how his direct and detailed questions allowed me to give him the input he needed to develop my new database - within my budget.

The results are unbelievable! My potpourri of tables and information is now a dynamic database that almost drives itself; Wesley set up such intuitive innovations that I can easily work the database myself, or I would be comfortable training someone to do data entry for me.

If you are in need of a new database, or a facelift for some existing data, you will find all you need in Row Consulting. Wesley has created my first database, but he has not created my last database, I will use Row Consulting again in the near future.
Maggie Vohs
Cameo Management Solutions, Inc.

I strongly recommend Row Consulting for any business seeking professional IT services. Wesley is a talented software developer and an extremely reliable business consultant. His high quality output and timely delivery of complex business solutions has exceeded my expectations. Wesley has created efficiency and data security solutions for my business that has enabled me to increase my profitability by over 60 percent. He is very conscious and responsive to my business needs, and his continued professional support provides me with the resources I need to continuously grow and improve my business.
Julie Pellum
All-Ways Medical Billing, LLC

We used Row Consulting to develop software so that our document database could be accessed easily and added to annually. Wes was comprehensive, responsive, and detailed in all his work. Over the several years since, Wes has provided support for the software at a reasonable (actually, better than reasonable) rate. The user interface he developed for our software to be compatible with Windows XP is professional, clear, and something we are proud to show others.
Shelly B. Getzlaf
Northwest DocuServe

We have used Row Consulting since 1998, for MS Access. When I called him it was like stepping into another world, with the knowledge Wes had in Access and the ability to help us switch our data over from File Pro to Access with minimal errors was great. Even though I had taken many Access class he took me to levels in Access that I did not even think were possible to reach. I thank Wes for all of the help he has given us and look forward to his help in the future.
Rich Carey AO/EMT I
System Analyst / Data Coordinator
Boring Fire District

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