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Project planning

Step 1
Careful planning is critical to the success of any database or software project. Regardless of size, each project should begin with a comprehensive plan that details the scope and specifications of the proposed solution. A well-prepared plan can help keep your project within budget, on time, and also help prevent costly scope creep and serious quality issues.

Contact Row Consulting today to prepare detailed plans and specifications for your project or to assist you with the planning process.

Helpful tools
Row Consulting provides the following tools for organizations wanting to handle all or part of the planning process themselves.

Plan Your Database in 12 Steps

From plan to action
If your organization lacks the time and expertise to develop the proposed solution, then outsourcing the development should be seriously considered. If you were able to create a plan — whether partial or complete — it will be very useful to consultants for providing quotes. Review prospective consultants carefully for qualifications and referrals. Contact Row Consulting today for a free quote or consultation.

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